Fri,Dec 17th,2021

"Taimanin" official idol has born!!

Started "ordinary" idol activities as "Idol Taimanin"! We also deliver information on goods and games!
Idol Taimanin will be launched from December 17, 2021 (Friday) as the official idol of the near future Kunoichi game "Taimanin".

◎ What is Idol Taimanin! !?
Through "ordinary" idol activities, real being Taimanin will be holding concerts and photo sessions! 
We work as "Idol Taimanin,” you can meet in real life.

▼ Official website

▼ YouTube official channel "Idol Taimanin Channel"

▼ Official Twitter account

▼ Official Instagram account

▼ Check the activities of idols on the official YouTube channel!
You can see the activities of the idols on the official YouTube channel "Idol Taimanin Channel".
In the program, idols are distributing loose contents such as introduction of goods and live distribution of games, and it is full of contents that you can enjoy Taimanin!

In addition, the idol Taimanin will appear on the existing YouTube official channel "Taimanin TV" at 20:00 on December 17th (Friday)! !! In the program, we will introduce Idol Taimanin.

Also, official YouTube channel "Idol Taimanin Channel"
Scheduled to be delivered every other Saturday at 19:00!
The first delivery will start at 19:00 on December 17th (Friday)!

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